Do Bear With Me

Hi everyone!! I’m yet to post the real matters of life I promised to share with you due to some reasons. Its worth the wait.
Thanks to you all.
Love you loads.



Hi everyone! My name is Adetutu .J. Titilayomi and I’m happy to be here!! I am here to share with you some life experiences especially about girls/women.

I am a woman who have seen/faced a lot but I am as strong as….. I have developed a thick skin and decided to forge ahead. I have seen a lot of little girls and grown women who have faced the kind of experience i had and i believe there must be an end to it all.

Join me as i share these  life experiences that need to be known to the world. You can expect news around the world ranging from entertainment, football, health, religion, and mostly about children and women in general.

This is just an intro, see you soon on the first chapter on how it all started.

Love you all.